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Worthless Check Division

The Worthless Checks Division of the District Attorney's Office specializes in the collection of lost monies to merchants due to worthless check writing.  When a merchant receives a worthless check, a certified, return receipt requested letter must be sent out allowing the person 10 days to pick up the check and pay the required service fees.  If there is no response, the merchant will bring the worthless check to our office.  We will then log said check in and search our records to see if the maker has any other worthless checks pending.  if there is, your will be combined with the one previously filed to expedite your restitution.  This office will then send a letter to the maker indicating that a criminal case has been filed against them.  If we get no response, an arrest warrant will be issued.  Once the merchant turns the checks over to this office, there is no cost to him for collection.  the person responsible for writing the worthless check is liable for all fees. 

We are proud to successfully collect over $150,000 per year in worthless checks for our local merchants.