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Our Mission

Fundamentally, it is our mission to make our community a better place to live by protecting the rights and safety of everyone. The District Attorney’s Office has helped accomplish this by:

Seeking a fair judicial process with appropriate consequences for those who refuse to obey the law and recognize the rights of others; informing, supporting and assisting victims and witnesses of crime; helping educate citizens about the causes of crime and its impact on our quality of life; assuming a leadership role in community crime prevention, and whenever possible and appropriate, using the authority of our office in a positive fashion to recognize those young people who are most "at risk" and provide opportunities for them to make intelligent choices. While our job is to prosecute crimes, our goal is crime prevention; being accessible to anyone contacting this office with a question or concern; and providing assistance to people who are less able to protect themselves from harm, such as children, elderly, or people with physical or mental challenges.

Finally, I believe that we must prosecute with integrity, equality, and excellence; being ever mindful that our duty is to always seek justice.